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We have a fine-tuned focus on providing the absolute best third party torque turn service in the business. While many casing companies offer torque turn as part of a variety of services provided during casing runs, we focus entirely on torque turn – that’s it. In fact, it’s not uncommon for operators to require a third-party torque turn provider because of the added layer of professional accountability this adds to operations. Ensuring the integrity of your casing make-up is our speciality.

Our Focus

Safety & Professional Standards
*$10 million insurance coverage (excess liability)

Reliability. Efficiant. Trust.

T3’s experienced technicians bring a steady hand to your operations when you’re running casing or calibrating equipment.

Safety & Professional Standards

Our technicians are professionals in the torque turn and calibration services field.

Equipment & Reporting

Detailed and customized reports before our expert technicians leave your rig, and in most cases your team will have access to login and view live job graphs.
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